Family Photos and Senior Portraits at Christmas in Asheville, NC

It is so important to capture the memories of FAMILY! Years go by so fast, and before you know it you have no up to date photos of your kids, your dog, your grandparents…the important people in your life.

I was so happy when Jill and Jacqui contacted me to work with them. We had a DOUBLE goal for our photo session; Family Photos with everyone AND senior photos of Nathan, the soon to be grad! I’d like to say we met on a sunny warm afternoon catching the golden light of sunset, but actually it was cold and raining LOL. Being right at Christmas when everyone was together, it was time to brave the conditions and go for it. I’m not afraid of a little sprinkle, and luckily, they were ready to go as well. 70% chance of percipitation can’t scare me off! No really, through my experience over the years I have been able to work with the moment and make it work. Also knowing the best spots to work in where weather conditions might be spotty.

We got some great shots of everyone together and then Nathan let me to lead him around (in the light cold sprinkling rain) posing him here and there. Thanks for trusting me Nathan! I think we got some great shots.

Don’t forget to capture the memories in your life that are important to you. Family is such a beautiful thing and I’m honored to document these wonderful moments. Thanks Heck Family!! Congrats to you Nathan and best of luck in your college adventure.

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The Portrait of Joseph Herbst And His Alto Sax

I love shooting portraits. They’re always different. One is never the same as the next, because people are so unique! I love finding my own way to tell each person’s story, showcasing their special traits on film. It’s boundless.

When Joseph Herbst asked me to work with him to capture his musical portrait I was thrilled. I love working with musicians because they are, of course, artists themselves so it’s fun to work with a fellow kindred spirit. Plus they usually like to do crazy, fun or weird stuff; which is totally up my alley! Joseph wanted dark and moody meets artsy and creative. So we did some photography in the studio setting with lighting and some creative color work and some outside in the River Arts District using the graffiti and urban settings as a color pop with natural light. I tried some of my favorite styles that feel very “me” like the very contrasted black and white, which I love, and also some stuff that I’ve NEVER done, like a slow motion capture mixed with a portrait. He was game for all of it which makes it super fun and adventurous. Some of the photographs might make an eventual album cover for music that he’s currently working on.

So if you love adventure and want a creative boost in your photography or marketing, CONTACT ME for your next portrait session. I’d love to work with you.

Candice and Charlie Maternity Session- The Hunt For Flowers & Ferns

Candice and Charlie are some of my favorite clients and people!  From head shots, to wedding photography, to maternity photo shoots, and photography!  I've photographed their lives and watched as it's all progressed.  I feel so honored to have been there for these momentous occasions and captured it for them to relive forever.

Candice knew she wanted flowers and ferns.  Having pre-hiked Pink Beds in Pisgah and seeing field upon field of wild flowers and sunflowers, we planned to go there the following week.  Unfortunately in that time all the flowers got murdered!  Actually mowed down, you could see nothing but empty, mowed fields.  It was odd!  We continued hiking for about an hour finding some ferns and made the best of the natural forest. 

Just so happened that it's sunflower season at Biltmore!  So when I saw these amazing fields during a run I knew we had to do a whole new shoot just for fun.  I just knew she wanted flowers, especially sunflowers for her vision.  And so we got our flowers, finally.

The world is about to be + 2 amazing, caring and super loving parents and +1 lucky baby boy.  I can't wait to meet him.  Congratulations on your amazing next chapter you two! 

We finally found a small patch of ferns that was just perfect for this forest mother

We finally found a small patch of ferns that was just perfect for this forest mother


The Celebration of a Family Moment

I LOVE family photo shoots.  I don't think people do them enough.  Time passes quickly, and if friends, family, or pets are at all important to you, then why wouldn't you want to document that. Especially if you have a family, and your children are young. 

Kids grow up fast!  I would say plan for a photoshoot 2x a year the first year, then once a year up until 4 or 5 years old, and then maybe every 1-3 years up until mid teens or they graduate from high school.  

Leslie and McLane shared celebrated 9 months with their precious Avery with a family photoshoot.  I brought a balloon, which Avery loved, and we went into the river and played in the water.   Was able to catch a few tender, candid moments when Avery was getting her hair brushed and having a new outfit put on.  I love being able to show those real family moments, since that's what they're going to look back on and remember with love.  And of course, she got to keep the balloon! 

When was the last time you had a family photoshoot to document your loved ones?


Falling in to Yoga

Sometime one needs an excuse to get off their butt and get out to a beautiful waterfall.  So shooting a yoga portrait in Dupont Nation Forest was a yes YES YeeeeeS!  

Carley Wilson-Cesar is a new upcoming Yogi just graduation from school at Asheville Yoga Center.  We had a great time coming up with poses and pairing it with all the beautiful locations around Hooker Falls area.  Keep in mind that it was FREEZING, so kudos to Carley for being such a trooper.  Nothing like connecting with nature in the 20s wearing yoga clothes.  Hard Core!

If you're a Yogi and interested in working with me on your Yoga Portrait, please contact me!

The Power of Creative Women

I love shooting portraits, and I especially love shooting artist portraits, but I have to say Molly Courcelle and Bee Sieburg gave me a new favorite...photographing Mother / Daughter Artist duos.  Although I bet their amazing relationship and history is a special and unique one that you don't find often.

Molly and Bee asked me to photograph them for an upcoming show, and I was deeply honored I got the privilege to work with them!  They have been painting together at the Wedge Building in the River Arts District for over 10 years.  And before that they owned the Gardener’s Cottage together in Biltmore Village.  So this show at Wedge Foundation is a celebration of their 10 years of painting together.  I love nothing more then sharing this sort of history with our local community, empowering artists in the community and especially women in the community. 

Check out their websites and if you live in the area or ever visit make sure to stop in and see them.  In person, their artwork is beautiful and powerfully moving and their creativity, along with them personally, brings a warmth to your heart. 

Mother/Daughter Exhibit Celebrates a Decade of Painting in Asheville

The opening reception will be March 01, 2018, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.  The exhibit will be on display until April 1, 2018.  Wedge Foundation, 5 Foundy Street, Asheville, NC 28801

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