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Holiday Photo Adventure Day - Wacky Wonderland

  • Asheville Community Theatre 35 E. Walnut Stree Asheville, NC 28801 (map)

Holiday Photo Adventure Day

Wacky Wonderland

WHEN: November 10th, 2019

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

$45 for one amazing photo

$65 if you want two photos

The Holiday Season is not just for over indulging on fruit cake, rugelach and egg nog. It’s about capturing special moments with your loved ones. It’s about celebrating the things in life that we are grateful for and appreciating those around us. It’s about PICTURES!!!

Whether you are sending holiday cards or not, you NEED to document yourself and those you hold dear. How can you do that? By coming to our FIRST ANNUAL PHOTO FUNDRAISER and picking which theme fits you best. We have a great theme picked for this year to begin your adventure. And just in case you’re really wanting just a nice traditional portrait, we have a place for you as well!

1) Wacky Wonderland - This is an all encompassing place to let your freak flag fly. Matching Pajamas, Ugly Sweaters, crazy themed hats, twinkle lights gone wrong, and anything else your holiday creative brain can come up with. The background will be neutral so it can fit with anything, and there will be some add in props like wrapped presents, a tree, stockings, etc, if you want them. Feel free to bring your own props as well!

2) Traditional Portrait- If you’re not into wacky outfits, don’t really want to start thrift shopping, but still want a nice portrait of you and/or your friends and family, than this is the place for you. A simple solid background will be used so there’s no indication that crazy things are afoot just around the corner. And since it’s a plain background it’s perfect to capture the moment even if you’re not using it for holiday cards.

So you want to be a part of it?? What do you do now? EASY! Show up on the scheduled day dressed however you like, pay your $45 or $65 with cash or check, paypal or venmo, and wait to be called for your fabulous portrait moment. REMEMBER TO MAKE PLANS FOR BRINGING CASH OR CHECK, or set up your online payment accounts early. HALF OF ALL PROCEEDS GO TO SUPPORT ACT! It is first come first served, but please do indicate what time you will be arriving in the form below so we can plan accordingly for extra busy times. It won’t take long at all to get you in and out. You will then receive your fully edited, high resolution image(s) via email approx. 2 weeks later. Please read all the important info below to answer all our questions and make your experience amazing.

SPREAD THE WORD! Tell all your friends, colleagues or family in town that would love to come out and support this great cause and get a super cool portrait. And this will be an annual event, so plan on keeping an eye out for it. We will change the theme every year to make it exciting and new.


This is open to any and all people. From a single person all the way up to 10. 10 people is the max per portrait because of limited space. We are not responsible for dressing anyone, so please come ready. Since this is an all ages event, please make sure that your outfits are PG rated and no profanity or politically incorrect statement please. You only get ONE photo to keep (unless you did the double photo experience, then you get two), and a maximum of 10 shots to get that photo. Remember that this is a fast paced portrait and you will not be able to take multiple kinds of shots. If you’re getting the two photo package, have an idea of how you want that arranged beforehand. The final photo will be chosen by Studio Misha, and all editing of that photo is up to Studio Misha. You must pay for the photo in advance at the welcome desk, and there are no refunds, exchanges, re-shoots, or re-edits. No major skin retouching will be done on these photos, just basic editing. Parking is your responsibility. Remember parking on the street is free on Sunday downtown. You are responsible for getting your own prints, cards, etc. We are simply providing you with an awesome photo to get you started. We will take people who are still in line or waiting if it’s after 4, but please make sure to come before 4 to get your photo.



Name *
List anyone else you know will be in the photo that might want a copy sent to them as well. I will send the final photo out to all emails listed here.
Which Adventure Calls You? *
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1) Do I need to come dressed already? Do you have any costumes or things there?

You must show up ready to shoot, with your own outfits and accessories. Unfortunately there’s no way for us to have clothes available for the many people showing up. We WILL have some props that you can bring in as you like, such as wrapped presents, tree, and other accoutrements, but as I said, come ready. There are bathrooms to change in and prep if you need.

2) Do you accept Credit Cards?

In order to maximize the donation amount to ACT we will only be accepting cash, check, paypal or venmo. Remember to set up your accounts early, get cash ahead of time, or stick a check in your wallet. Checks will be made out to “Studio Misha” and then a large collective donation will be made to ACT.

3) Where do I go?

This will be in the main stage lobby. Go to the front door under the big blue awning. There will be a welcome desk where you can sign in, pay your fee, and get any additional info you need.

4) How long will it take?

We will have everything ready, including two set ups and backgrounds, a sign in table, and a photo hostess to help direct people and answer questions. So that means we expect it to take approximately 10-20 minutes. If there is a wait it might take a bit longer, but that’s why it’s crucial that you check the arrival time box you’re planning on in your form. If there are super high volume times we will take measures to have extra support if needed. Please make sure to account for parking time. The lot at ACT can only hold a few cars. If you have to park at Renaissance or around downtown it will take added minutes to park and walk.

5) When will I get my photo? And what format will it be?

About 2-3 weeks after the adventure day you will receive an email at the address you put in your form. You will get a high resolution JPG that is 100% yours, no additional fees or charges. You have the right to print, share, and love your photo forever.

6) Do I have to participate in Wacky Wonderland Theme or can I do whatever I want?

Good question! You are free to do whatever you like. This is all about embracing the fun and celebrating unique style. There is no set rule as to how you have to show up. If you want to be super heroes, or 1920s glamour, you are welcome here! Just remember that we have the one solid background to choose from, with some additional props supplied if you like. Feel free to bring your own props to make it a more compelling photo. If you have any further questions about it, please feel free to email me.

7) I thought I heard about two themes?

We were originally going to have two different themes, but decided to simplify and put all our attention on one.

8) What if I want more than one photo?

We have an option for $65 that includes two photos. For instance, if you wanted one full group photo and then maybe one smaller group, or the full family and then just the kids, etc. You basically get two photos of your choice. Please have that worked out ahead of time, who will be in each group, so the switch over can be coordinated and fast :)

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