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These are just a few selections from my video portfolio.  I work on a variety of projects including music videos, documentaries, promo videos, live performance filming and more.  I'd love to hear about your project and how we can work together!


Artist Portrait - Cindy Walton

I was privileged to follow artist Cindy Walton through her studio and film her in action, as well as dive in to her personal story as an artist through an in-depth interview. Cindy is an artist in the Wedge Studios in The River Arts District of Asheville, NC. Her many years of experience as an artist mixed with her formal training give her a wonderful mix of technique and expressive abandon when working with her materials. Her medium of choice, Oil and Cold Wax. Through her artist's story, we will take you on a personal journey through her life as an artist, her love and passion for the canvas and for oils, and show you a close up glimpse of her deep creative spirit that flows through each piece. She's been in magazines, on covers, interviewed several times by different radio and tv stations, in multiple galleries around the U.S., and in the homes of her clients all around the world. Find out why her paintings are so beloved and meet the artist behind the work.

To learn more about Cindy Walton, please visit her website at


Artist Portrait - Barb Zimmerman

A New Day.jpg


Barb Zimmerman paints with paper. She spends 3-4 months on each piece, hand cutting or tearing every individual leaf, tree, rock, or waterfall; leaves by the hundreds, in multiple shades of green or vivid reds and golds, craggy rock faces with rhododendron blooming along its side, or a rushing waterfall delicately constructed with layers of thin mulberry paper. And all of these details vary by season, of course.

It was amazing to enter this world of detail and intricate process and figure out a way to relay that as a visual story to the viewer.  In the first video, we really wanted to show Barb's process as well as her personal artist story.  In the second piece, Barb wanted the viewer to understand the passion behind the process; why she dedicates so much time to cut each leaf...for the love of nature.


Gallery Introduction - The Village Potters

The Gallery at the Village Potters is one of the premier contemporary art and craft galleries in Western North Carolina, with three showrooms featuring the diverse work of the extraordinary ceramic artists at The Village Potters as well as a select few exclusive regional artists.

From beautiful functional and decorative ceramics to contemporary interpretations on traditional forms and sculpture in Raku, you’ll find ideas and solutions for all your design, collection, and gift needs. Specialized orders for dinnerware or gift registries are also available. Join our mailing list at to keep informed of upcoming exhibits featuring individual Resident Artists and kiln openings, including special previews for collectors.


Artist Portrait - Erin Keane


Erin wanted to show the intricate details in her process of book binding as well as the inspiration behind her art.  Creating encaustic journals is a very personal journey for Erin, and her finished product reflects that. 


Fashion Editorial Shoot - Zaire Kacz



I had the privilege of working with Zaire on a vintage aviation shoot at Hendersonville Airport.  Models Sarah Merrill and Jessica Neilson were stunning in dresses by local Fashion Designer Brooke Priddy Conrad, Jewerly by Amber Hatchett.


Artist Portrait - Cheyenne Trunnel



Sit in silence long enough and you will hear nature speak in a language beyond words. Cheyenne, an artist in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC, captures this spiritual harmony of nature and soul on her canvas. With acrylic paints, oil pastels and her creative spirit she aims to visually move viewers in to peaceful, ethereal landscapes and soft, introspective abstracts.


Costume Drama Fashion Show Intro Piece




Filming backstage and during the performance at the Costume Drama Fashion Show at ACT in 2015, I compiled a fun highlight reel to share with the 2016 audience.  This opened the show with a bang!


Artist Portrait - Julia Fosson


Julia Fosson is an encaustic painter in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC. She developed a love for painting with wax and has never looked back to her original roots as an oil painter. Julia paints with a true passion for the process, experimenting with layered colors for incredibly brilliant backgrounds. Exploring her pieces close up the viewer might notice imbedded words or paper clippings. These intimate details allow Julia the freedom to express her creativity as well as allow the viewer to interpret their own meaning. 
Her artistic drive and commitment to almost daily painting produces a vast array of original works constantly flowing on to her walls. With witty and well chosen titles as well as unexpected subject matter, i.e. her chairs, Julia's paintings are charming and unconventionally beautiful.

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