Love in Bloom- Stacie and Tommy

I am so excited to be partnered with Myriah Wood. We are partnered up for weddings that have photography and videography together in the same package.  There is such a high demand for couples who want to capture all aspects of their special day.  It's not all about photography anymore!  Video can capture things that photos just can't.  And only time will tell, because 10 years from now, when you sit down to watch your wedding video with family and friends, and reminisce together, I just know you can't put a price on that. 

For Stacie and Tommy, we started with the engagement session.  This is a super important process before the big day.  It helps us to get to know our couples.  We get to see how each couple interacts, how they naturally pose (or not pose LOL), how they take direction and what works and doesn't work; we get to feel the chemistry.  Most importantly we get to look at the pictures and see what angles worked the best, what verbal directions seemed to be most successful, and then make adjustments or plan for the big day.  It's priceless. 

Not to mention the photographs!  You are going to look back on these photos forever, and remember how you were before your official marriage story even began.  Stacie and Tommy were so OBVIOUSLY in love!  It was so wonderful to witness and capture on camera.  They were laughing and just making each other smile the whole time.  And I love it when a partner just can't keep their hands off the other.  Love was in the air!  And the beautiful blooms and fresh foliage of the season was just a reminder of the freshness and the new beginnings to come. 

Not to mention we got to witness the first ever piggy back ride!  Tommy, she kept her promise :)