Baby Kyllian Newborn Session - Music, Medicine and Owls

The best part about doing maternity sessions? NEWBORN SESSIONS! And in this case, it was wedding to maternity to newborn. My amazing couple from 2017 got back in touch with me to capture this very special moment in their lives. It’s such a privilege to be in this profession and take part in the amazing moments like this.

So Jamie and Rob new they wanted a few things for this session. An owl hat, a medicine theme for Rob and a music theme for Jamie. They are loving their cloth diapers and used many of the unique ones they have to play into these themes. We got a genuine Baby Ky smile right off the bat! It wasn’t gas, it was a smile, I know it! And he was amazing and sweet through the entire rest of the session. Well, balancing him on a cello was not his favorite LOL, but third times a charm with some extra cushioning underneath, and voila, the music them with all of Jamie’s instruments.

Thank you SO MUCH Jamie and Rob for connecting with me again and letting me be a part of this very special moment. Can’t wait for many more family memories for you both! Joy, love and laughter to you all.

Baby Kyllian Newborn Portrait Session with Studio Misha Photogrpahy_BLOG-25.jpg