Jessica + Brandon Wedding Day- From City Hall to Biltmore With Love

It’s amazing how things can happen when true love is involved! I hadn’t see Jessica in a while, after doing some photography for her amazing business Bluebird Designs, and suddenly there she is, on facebook, expecting! I was overjoyed and reached out, only to get a message from her just before mine went through. Love when stuff like that happens. SO…we got together again to capture this amazing life moment with her new hubby, Brandon.

Brandon and her fell madly in love, and hey, why wait! With the blessing of this new little one on the way, they wanted to get married but without all the hubbub that comes with planning a huge event. Asheville courthouse wedding it was! But still wanting to have a special and meaningful moment between them, they planned a photo shoot and vow reading at Blitmore, to capture the beauty of nature as well. After roaming around, and probably taking more pictures than they thought (sorry guys, you were just too magnificent! I couldn’t control myself) we settled on the beautiful bridge leading away from the gardens and around the lake. It was so picturesque. With my amazing hubby capturing with second camera from across the lake, I was close by to capture their very special vow exchange. Weddings are all about celebrating the love between two people in a way that is special and meaningful to them, and that’s exactly what they planned! Loved everything about it.

Baby is due in November of this year!! And who knows, maybe they will have a wedding party next year to cover two amazing things; their blessed union and their new family member! Thank you Jessica and Brandon for bringing me into your special wedding day. I am SO happy for you both and the life you are embarking on together. May you have endless joy, laughter and love through your days together.

Karyn and Kyle- A Playful and Loving Wedding at Highland Lake

Karyn and Kyle were by far my most playful and fun couple of the season. I was so excited that they chose me to be their wedding photographer. They didn’t want a big to do. So it was a day that was all about family and concentrated on the simple ceremony that started it all.

A beautiful handmade wooden arbor was center stage in front of the lake at Highland Lake Cove in Flat Rock. The color had just started bursting, with orange, yellow, and a little bit of red sparkling like fireworks in the tree tops. While Karyn was getting ready with Mom and other family, flower girls were princessing around with silver crowns and practicing for their procession. And that’s how it all began. The little gents came bearing rings, and flower girls sprinkled their petals paving the way for the beautiful bride. After her dad walked her down the aisle, he imparted some special words to her, whispering in her ear, causing surprising tears to flow. It was a special moment for sure. Her brother facilitated the nuptials, vows were exchanged, and rings were given. Time for cake and champagne!

We went out in the autumn leaves for bride and groom pics, out by the lake for some tender moments, and ended it all with a bridal piggy back ride back to the venue. It wasn’t in our original plan to do more photos but when Karyn and Kyle told me they wanted some photos downtown and there was ALSO a mural that was really important to them, I felt like it was just super important to capture it. Especially once I saw the pic of their favorite mural. “Play Every Day” I mean it doesn’t get any better then that! When you’re a wedding photographer, and you are blessed with a couple that wants to do crazy, fun things….you take every advantage!

So our downtown bride and groom photo session was born! Starting at the mural, then going to some crosswalks on the way to downtown center. On the way back, I was inspired by Karyn wearing her new hubbies jacket and the secret flask that was brought out. I gave them the idea, and the Tossing Bouquet in the Air Like A Rockstar photo was born. It was so EPIC!

Thank you to Karyn and Kyle for going along with my crazy photo ideas. And for being so loving and vulnerable in your bride and groom portrait session. It was an honor to be your wedding photographer. And even though you wanted a small ceremony with no fuss, no muss, you still valued capturing these special moments with photography. I wish you many joyful and playful years ahead. Enjoy each other and remember to PLAY EVERY DAY!

Vendor Love

Venue- Highland Lake Cove

Cake- Sams Club


There were so many family photos I had put in a slideshow.

Because it was just family at the ceremony, we took plenty of extra time capturing everyone together. YAY for family photos!

Karyn and Kyle Wedding Photography 2018_by Studio Misha00781.JPG
Karyn and Kyle Wedding Photography 2018_by Studio Misha00745.JPG
Karyn and Kyle Wedding Photography 2018_by Studio Misha00812.JPG
Karyn and Kyle Wedding Photography 2018_by Studio Misha00821.JPG