Forrest Goddess Maternity Session with Avyanna + Phoenix

Avyanna and Phoenix were blessed with their little “blueberry” to be born this November. When we chatted about locations for the maternity photo shoot they knew exactly where they wanted it to be; Big Ivy Pisgah National Forrest. It was a magical place that they felt a strong connection to. So Big Ivy we went!

The mossy rocks and cascading river creating little mini falls and pools, and the beautiful trees created a sunlit canopy with shafts of light breaking through. In fact when we got there, one beam was lighting up a large rock right in the middle of the river. I urged them to jump in quickly so we could grab a few shots while the beam was still present. We started shooting, and about 15 photos in, the beam disappeared behind the mountain in the distance, and all that was left was the memory of it’s beauty. Thanks beam of light, for visiting us even for that one,short moment.

It wasn’t a challenge to get Avyanna and Phoenix to cuddle and love each other. It was such a beautiful day and such a precious moment. Just swimming in a sea of endless love for each other. And for an unexpected funny moment, I had climbed up on a rock and had a little fight with a small bush trying to get into just the right position. After getting some amazing pics of them they looked up and started laughing. Avyanna said she had to take a picture of me with my phone so I could see for myself. See for yourself how the foliage and I had a little cuddle moment, LOL. Whatever has to be done to get the photo, right?

Here’s to the future day when you bring little Blueberry there to frolic in the river and experience the joy with all three of you.

Candice and Charlie Maternity Session- The Hunt For Flowers & Ferns

Candice and Charlie are some of my favorite clients and people!  From head shots, to wedding photography, to maternity photo shoots, and photography!  I've photographed their lives and watched as it's all progressed.  I feel so honored to have been there for these momentous occasions and captured it for them to relive forever.

Candice knew she wanted flowers and ferns.  Having pre-hiked Pink Beds in Pisgah and seeing field upon field of wild flowers and sunflowers, we planned to go there the following week.  Unfortunately in that time all the flowers got murdered!  Actually mowed down, you could see nothing but empty, mowed fields.  It was odd!  We continued hiking for about an hour finding some ferns and made the best of the natural forest. 

Just so happened that it's sunflower season at Biltmore!  So when I saw these amazing fields during a run I knew we had to do a whole new shoot just for fun.  I just knew she wanted flowers, especially sunflowers for her vision.  And so we got our flowers, finally.

The world is about to be + 2 amazing, caring and super loving parents and +1 lucky baby boy.  I can't wait to meet him.  Congratulations on your amazing next chapter you two! 

We finally found a small patch of ferns that was just perfect for this forest mother

We finally found a small patch of ferns that was just perfect for this forest mother