Spring into Love - Kristine and James Engagement

Spring brings beautiful blooms, sunshine, and creates the perfect setting for the celebration of love!  Kristine and James joined me and Myriah Wood, now working together as Falcon and Wolf Weddings for combined Photo and Video Wedding Bookings, for a fun and intimate session amidst the greenery and flowers.

In an engagement session, I always try and capture a couples personality as well as show off the best of themselves.  So they can look back and say "Remember when...".  I always start by asking couples to show me their Cuddle Culture.  Every couple has one.  It's your basic "go to" for holding each other, snuggling, nuzzling, or even fun playful rough housing.  Whatever it is for each couple, that's what I want to see and capture, then we go from there.  If a couple is silly, then we are cute and playful, and if a couple is more serious and quiet, then I allow room for that to happen naturally.  Basically, anything that is true to them during their Engagement Photo Shoot, goes.

Kristine and James were super sweet together, and you didn't have to tell James twice to wrap his arms around her. He couldn't get enough and their love truly radiated.  I can't wait to see them on their wedding day!